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Understading and writing stored-procedures and Variables-SET Vs SELECT

  • Types of stored-procedures, Create and execute Stored-procedures
  • Types of Varibles, and rowsets
  • Parameters and Return Values
  • Types of Scalar functions and application area
  • Applying Conditions- IF/ELSE or CASE
  • Transactions and Loops used for retrival, update and delete
  • Creating tables and Data Insert for single/multiple rows
  • Data Intergrity and Constraints
  • Derived Tables and CTEs
  • Subquerries
lerning instructions

Transactions Development

  • Error handling/Exceptions-TRY...CATCH BLOCK
  • Testing and Debugging
  • Data update and transaction handling
  • Types of Triggers and Triggers for advanced validation
  • Data Type Casting for conversions
  • Various Types of database functions for Data manupulations
  • Building reusable codes
  • Java Programming Introduction: Hands-On

    Attendees Who Took This training are also encouraged to take the followup courses

  • SQL Server Reporting Services
  • Introduction to Perl/PhP Programming
  • Business intelegence BI for SQL-Server