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Biometrics: Time and Attendance management

The Mitax MTXBSH/700 series is design to tracks employees time and attendance, which provides a daily understanding of time records as reports or for processing by Payroll Processing Software. the MTXBSH/700 series modules include various features to coordinate all aspects of employee time management including In-Punch, Out-Punch, Late Comings, Early Goings, leave Management, Overtime, Holidays, Roistering and more. This allows HR to focus more on core HR related issues than to just handle and resolve queries related to employee time records. MTXBSH/700 series is a very advanced time systems solution built on latest technologies that can provide various analytical reports, statistics and information to assist in managing and regularizing employee time office management of any organization. HamsterPlusModII: The MTXBSH/700 series also allows management to view in a graphical format, the time mangement and time variation of each employee, which inturns help management to understand and initiate help,where necessary, such that is designed for a specific employee that may be going through tough-circumstances in life. HamsterPlus: The MTXBSH/700 series comes with lots of configurable options, depending on what the client need. MitaxConsulting encourages most client to pick the year-round service package options at almost no extra-cost. This gurantees 24 hours response time, should there be any issues.Our product is build and design inline with ISO 9000 series. Our customers are the centre of our universe.

Mobile Devices for Onboard Transaction/Manchandising

The MTX100VD is an onboard payment handheld mobile device, design to facilitate swift-payment processing onboard the airline, the railways and seaways etc. This portable device, is inbuilt with a duo scanner, printer and slots for cash and creditcard-processing.Among its capabilities, includs being able to links the specific transportation medium to onboard cabine crews members and items, such as foods, perfumes,drinks etc. The MTX100VD is design for field or onboard usage, which docks to a gateway payment stations. MTDX100:

One of the beauty of MTX100VD handheld device is that, it optionally links customer's account to purchases; which should be inline with companies policies, this is design to create a cashless or cardless processing. MTX100VDCardProc: The MTX100VD is a window CE base operating system, it allows you to combine all operation processes in stores; point-of-sale, receipt printing, inventory management, order tracking and behavioural-purchase patterns of specific customers. this device comes with multiple wireless connectivity options (GSM/GPRS/EDGE or Wi-Fi), which enable you to stay connected online at all times. Highly secured transactions at extremly high speed, design with the latest java base technologies. POSHandsOn: