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Our Goal @ Mitax Consulting

Our  ultimate aim is to retain customer engagement with the objective of delivering the solutions that you need in every customer for life through the delivery of excellence.

With this ethos in mind, Mitax Consulting approaches every customer engagement with the objective of delivering the solution that you need.

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OutSourcing in Java Technologies

Our java team comprises of young and talented engineers and researchers from Europe's redbricks universities. The team includes engineers and consultants, that are security-cleared (SC/DV)to work on both government and defence projects across the UK. The quality of our job and our ability to meet delivery dates is the strength of our team. In all java related jobs, we guarantee a maximum of five-hours quotations, and commencement of job within 24 hours.We are the outsourcing partner you can always rely on.

Mobile Devices for Onboard Transaction

MitaxConsulting UK offers a broad range of mobile devices for omboard payment services across the airlines, railways, seaways and the parking tickets business sectors-local governments. Our inhouse product, the MTX100VD is a portable handheld device with an in-build duo-scanner, printer and creditcard swiping slot for onboard payment services. This integrated position-of-sale device (POS) has the capability of processing any kind of payment card transaction whether in cash,credit,debit,royalty or even coupons. In order to obtain more information about the MTX100VD, please contact customer's services on 0117 2396 122 or see product description here: MTX100VD is built mainly for the African market

Biometric solution for Security, Time and attendance

MitaxConsulting UK is a software house, pioneering the research and development of Biometric security solutions. The biometric solutions is a Java-base application,for security, time and attendance monitoring system. Other variants of biometric solutions are:

  • Fingerprint Recognition
  • Face Recognition
  • Iris Recognition
  • Voice Recognition

The MTXBio-700 series, is inbuilt with accounts/financial module for payroll

More information about MTXBio-700 series can be obtained by contacting 0117 2396 122 or click here for product description: 


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