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You will learn how to
  • Design   and build roburst console  single-page web application.
  • Bind-forms to perform CRUD data manipulation access
  • Implements two-ways-Data binding with Restful web services
  • Dependency Injection
  • Write functions and make function-calls for routines and sub-routines
  Java Programming Introduction: Hands-On
Hands-On Experience Includes
  • Implement MVC architecture for loosely-couple web apps
  • Understanding the paradigm of MVC architecture in AngularJS (Models, views and Controllers)
  • Understand the uses of Templates, Scopes and $Compile
  • Dynamic driven JavaScript using HTML 5 and Angular JS
  • Code controllers with JavaScript and data binding to template
  • Reading and displaying JSON Data and objects
  • Reading and writing standard input/output data files
  • Implement: ngAnimate module, CSS3 Transitions and D3 Library for Graphical/Bar-chart data animation