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Understanding of advanced C# features

  • Implementing most used Design patterns in C#
  • Understanding of LINQ Query Keywords
  • Extension methods
  • Parameterising delegates and lambda expressions
  • Multithreading using asynchronous keywords
  • Events, Nullable-Types
  • Working with relational databases
  • Delegates
Csharp Programming Advance:

Collections and Data Processing

  • Enumerations and Generic Classes
  • Iterating collections
  • Error and Exception handling
  • Data update,transaction handling: Inserting, updating and deleting
  • Establishing an Object-Context and Database Context objects
  • Object Relational Mapping Tools (ORM)
  • Processing XML: Loading XML dynamically via the web
  • Csharp Programming Advance: Hands-On

    Attendees Who Took This training are also encouraged to take the followup courses

  • SQL Server Reporting Services
  • Introduction to Perl/PhP Programming
  • Business intelegence BI for SQL-Server