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Concept of Object Oriented Programming (OOP) in C# ( Move from UML-to-Coding)

  • Overview of the Microsoft .Net Platform
  • Data types and control constructs
  • Parameters and Return Values
  • Writing functions and Making calls to functions
  • Creating and Destroying Objects
  • Understanding Inheritance and It's implementations in C#
  • Debugging functions using Eclipse/Microsoft Visual Studio -IDE
  • Use of .Net Library classes
  • Performing I/O using the stream class and serialisation
lerning instructions

Developing multitier applications

  • Implementing most used Design patterns in C#
  • Error handling/Exceptions-TRY...CATCH BLOCK
  • Aggregation, Namespaces, and Advanced Scope
  • Writing .NET components in C#
  • Working with relational databases
  • Implementing the IEnumerable interface
  • Employing events, delegates and lambda expressions
  • Various Types of database functions for Data manupulations
  • Introduction to multithreading using asynchronous keywords
  • C# Introduction: Hands-On

    Exam Can be taken upon completion of the C# Programming course:

    • Optional Exam: 70483 Programming in C#

    Attendees Who Took This training are also encouraged to take the followup courses

  • Advance C# programming
  • Introduction to JAVA Programming
  • C# for Mobile Applications